Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's been 5 years!

I cannot believe this blog has been live for five years already. I have loved keeping it and I really love being able to look back.

To celebrate, this had to be a post about one of the coolest things that's ever happened to me.

On March 14, my dear friend Diana posts on my Facebook wall that I'm in The Huffington Post. Um, come again?. Yes, I was featured on a very cool article about The 27 Most Gorgeous Boards On Pinterest. I was over the moon happy and insanely surprised.

It was an amazing surprise and it has brought lots of cool things and opportunities to me. 

Here's to many, many more years of blogging and to the many wonderful people I have met thanks to it. I love you all and you are one of the BIG reasons I keep this up.

Have a wonderful day, my lovelies.


Diana Albright said...

I was excited, too!
love ya babe!!

Anonymous said...

You should pin Wildflower Cases from c: I found your board from there and it's run by my friend. They make custom iPhone cases for 4 and 4s.

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