Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Camera Loves My Baby.

And she looooves it. How lucky am I to be a scrapbooking mom with a girlie who cannot get enough of posing for her mommy?

She was feeling particularly stylin' in her new heart polka dotted sunglasses, so I had to snap one or two, or 10 pics. Maybe I should take a look into some accredited online photography classes to learn some advanced techniques in taking pictures.

I am so loving making pages with Karla's page protectors. All digital elements are Baers Garten.

I'm feeling like making some new blog themes, so I'm off to fire up Photoshop.

Good day, lovelies.


Denise said...

I love the page protectors over the cardstock. Great look! Great design! You are very lucky to have a girlie that love to pose for photos. Even Emily is now giving me attitude about taking photos. Ack!

Diana Albright said...

Nati is adorable!! Ezri is only two and she's already running from my camera! (Except that she wants to be the one TAKING the pictures, so I have a photographer instead of a poser.) I love your burst of mojo lately!

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