Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tired. So, so tired.

I wanted to start the year better than I did the last, but the stars do not seem to want to align in my favor no matter how hard I try.

As those of you who read this blog regularly know, my emotional state is a big part of my creativeness. I hope it wasn't, cause life has been kicking me in the ass for a long time and I take advantage of what little periods of peace I have here and there to let my creative self come out.

(not the guy, just a little protection form the rain....)

It hasn't happened in a while now, and so, my scrapping, my blog, my work suffers. No matter how hard I try to push everything else aside and lose myself in Photoshop or find cool things to blog about, I just can't do it to save my life.

It's really very frustrating. Frustrating as hell.

I try hard to see some good in things, to roll with the punches but it's been too long and I think I'm losing my ability to deal. I'm just little ole me and it's been too much already.

I really love blogging, and doing so about things that whomever reads my blog will like and find interesting, but it just ain't happenin'.  Alas...

But, I don't really have a choice in the matter, so I'll keep trying to dig myself out of this hole I find myself in at the moment, so maybe soon, I can go back to feeling like myself, to feeling happy, to having peace.

Guess this post is a bit like Seinfeld... About nothing in particular.

Wish me luck?

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Briana Johnson said...

Hugs to you, Anilu. I love reading what you have to say no matter what it's about.

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