Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My New Favorite Show. Evah.

A few weeks ago I discovered this gem of a TV show called Downton Abbey. If you're about my age, you should remember Upstairs, Downstairs, another amazing English show. I used to watch it religiously with my godmother, and I loved it.

So, to fill the space left by Upstairs, Downstairs, I found Downton Abbey. The story is just wonderful, the photography, writing and costumes are to die for and it has something for everyone.

I got seriously hooked and watched both seasons and the crazy good Christmas special in about a week. Of course now I'm jonesing for season 3, which starts in September.

Listen to your friendly neighborhood blogger and watch this show asap. You can thank me later by sending me praising e-mails, flowers and chocolate. Ha!

Have a lovely day, my peeps.

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Anonymous said...

I am OBSESSED with this show. Watching it now as I type. I really wish Mary and Matthew would just bite the bullet and fall head over heels. I knew you had good your blog and your pinterest boards. Megan

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