Monday, November 21, 2011

OK, Enough Slacking. Promise...

Lawd, have I been neglecting this poor blog I love so much!  But, I have been working like crazy redoing my uncle's website, and that takes up all of my time. We also have Nati's after school stuff, the house stuff... You know how it piles up.

I'm gonna try to make time to update every day again. I really am. To start this new week off properly, lemme tell ya that our BIG Stop & Scrap giveaway is tomorrow, so don't forget to come by and leave a comment for you chance to win.

***Oy! There's a misspelled word on my graphic. Sorry!!!***

Gotta go get the giveaway post ready for y'all tomorrow.

Kisses and hugs, lovely people.

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Anonymous said...

Where do we leave comments to be entered?

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