Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm Back.

I had such a wonderful time on my trip. It was exactly what I needed and it was so much more than I could have ever imagined it would be.

I got to spend a few hours in Miami, where home is to me, and just taking a big lungful of Florida air was a balm to my homesick soul. I had tears in my eyes when I saw my apartment, Nati's school, our whole neighborhood from the air. Perfectly bittersweet...

Then I got to Charlotte,  and I fell in love with another place...

I am planning on going back as soon as I possibly can. I slept a lot, laughed a lot, ate such good food, visited lots of beautiful places, I even watched a few NFL games. Yep, me and the NFL are one. Ha!

Anyway, my telling of this adventure was delayed by the worst cough in history. Lemme tell ya, planes and airports are just huge petri dishes of evil stuff. I'm just now feeling human again, after over a week of coughing my lungs out. Sorry, that was TMI *blushes*

I missed y'all and I will get back to regular blog updates. Promise.

Toodles, loves.


Denise said...

ANILU!!!!! Oh my gosh! I am so happy that you could come home for a bit. That is amazing and cool and I am so happy for you. I'm grinning from ear to ear. :o)

Anonymous said...

great to hear that you had the very best of times on your trip home, anilu. though, i'm glad you're back -- missed you and your stories much. :)


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