Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Goodies Are A Good Thing.

Since life decided to separate me from my delicious stash of paper and glue which I adore and miss like crazy, digital has been my life saver.

Of course, just as I hoarded paper and embellishments, I now hoard digital kits and fonts. Oh, the fonts. They will be the death of me. Alas, here are my recent additions...

I had been drooling over these until I succumbed. Ha! Yeah, that took lots of effort.
Templates are Pugly Pixel. You can get my goodies at Design House Digital and MyFonts.
Font used: Dream Lover by MyFonts.

Yes, I enable. It's what I do.

Have a very lovely Tuesday.

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Briana Johnson said...

Girl, you are definitely my go to resource for good fonts and digital ideas! Thanks for sharing the blog templates from Katrina. I follow her but somehow missed those. What is that woodgrain texture? I love the way you designed your post today! Great sorbet colors!

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