Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh, Fun!

Yes, I just learned how to make .gifs after seeing that insanely cool image Katrina from Pugly Pixel, had on her blog a few days ago.

I thought it would be much harder, but it's really not. It just takes a little time if you want to get something as cool as she did.

I tried my best, and mine is not nearly as amazing as hers, but hey, it's my first try. And believe me, I will make many, many more of these.

I took this photograph of my beloved Miami sunsets, while waiting for the light to turn green on the way home one afternoon. I miss those so, so very much. I need to go back home already...

I made my own Instagram-y frame with Karla Dudley's amazing digital cardstock. Font is Habana from Lost Type Co-op.

Later loves. I'm off to make more of these. Whee!


Anonymous said...

well done, anilu!

Briana Johnson said...

Oh, girl! I saw Katrina post about this but figured it was way over my head - you might have to help me - this is so cool! I'm so impressed with your skillz.

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