Thursday, August 11, 2011

Font Love: Fave Uppercase Fonts.

Well, at least some of them. I have many more, but let's start with these, shall we? I have to say my very fave of this batch is Neo Retro Draw, closely followed by Ostrich Sans.

You know I need to know what your uppercase font loves are. Share the font goodness with me, please? You know you want to.

Paper and tape base are Pugly Pixel.

Enjoy your Thrusday.


Anonymous said...

you are FAST, anilu! you're the first one I know to implement this -- that i know of!

your blog looks FANTABULOUS!!! i have a question for you. which widget did you use for your search?

Diana Albright said...

you have me completely addicted to fonts. i can waste hours looking and downloading. lol

~Sasha Farina~ said...

thanks for the recommendations!! i am always looking for new font. now tell me, what font is your post title?

scrapcat said...

These are great fonts! I only have Bebas so far. TFS!

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