Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yep, More Old Photos.

I know it's Font Love Thursday, but it got bumped by this very cool photo I found... We'll be back to our regularly scheduled program next week. Ha!

So, here's another page made with more of those amazing old photographs my family's been sharing. This time it's my dad's family.

This pic is a fave cause it's his whole family (dad's seventh from the top of the stairs), and this picture was taken at my grandparents' home in Haiti. This beautiful house was completely destroyed during the earthquake that leveled that poor country, so any photograph picturing it is even more special for me now.

(click on picture to see it in full in another page)

I used the same template as yesterday, and that very cool paper is by Andrea Victoria at Designer Digitals. I thought it looked kinda Caribbean.

OK, I'm off to watch Happy Potter with my sister. 
Later gators.


Anonymous said...

Aqui estoy como siempre admirando tus trabajos, que madrugadora. No se si en la familia Magloire tienen direccion de tu blog, pero me encantaria que ellas lo vieran.Mas tarde llamare a Myrna para saludarla y le mandare los datos. Esto vale la pena verdaderamente.
Love you. Your Mother.

Anonymous said...

Me acabo de dar cuenta que para que se publique mi post, se necesita al final poner las palabras chuecas que te ponen, asi que seguro no han publicado los anteriores que te puse en cada trabajo que haces. Ni modo , ya no me pasara lo mismo espero.
Your Mom.

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