Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So Proud Of Her.

The other day my Nati came home all excited to show me the diploma she had gotten from her teacher at school for being such a well behaved girl.

First thing she asked me was to make her a post here on the blog, so here it is. A whole post just for the love of my life, my joy, my little girl.

She keeps giving me nothing but joy every day. I look forward to years of proud moments with you, Nati.

Your mommy loves you so, so much.



Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

CONGRATS Nati!!! That is such happy news :) You are so big and beautiful!! xo

Briana Johnson said...

Congrats, Nati! That is such a wonderful award to get! I know your mama is so proud of you!
And Anilu, she is such a pretty girl! And how cute she wanted you to do a blog post.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

congratulations Nati!! you're an amazing girl!! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

that's awesome -- congrats, Nat!

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