Monday, July 25, 2011

New Week: New Look.

As promised, No Shrinking Violet got a facelift. I need to thank Katrina, the genius behind Pugly Pixel, for all I've learned form her amazing tutorials, for her templates and all the inspiration she has given me.

This new look comes from my fascination with all things mid 20th century. I love the illustrations, the typography that era inspired. The furniture and fashion design, all of which have become iconic. Just the whole feel of it has always spoken to me.

I started playing around with the idea and this is what came out. I hope you like it, and I would so love to hear what you think. I want to design blogs and your input would be much appreciated.

If you're interested in a blog redesign, send me an e-mail at:

Have a swell Monday, lovelies.


Diana Albright said...

it looks so retro-gorgeous my friend. Such a fun look! i like the red and turquoise. I usually watch your blog in my google reader but had to pop over to see what you had going on. it's great! <3

Barb said...

Love the new look, Anilu!

Cupcake Couture said...

I came across your blog through Katrina's comments and I just wanted to say how lovely it is. Love the colour and details. x

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