Monday, July 11, 2011

New Blog Design.

As much as I loved my pink and gray look, I felt the urge to showcase a different look. I used another combination I love: gray and turquoise.

Lately I am using gray a lot and you'll see that in my upcoming blog designs. I have lots ready to use and I still have so many ideas for designs I want to create.

I knew I liked this digital stuff, but I have come to realize blog/web design is what I really love and want to do.

So, here's the new one...

I played a little with Pugly Pixel's amazing blog template and made the header different with a scalloped edge. It's amazing how many different looks you can get out of this one template. Making the "blogable" surface 1000px wide, makes all the difference for me.  I never liked those super cluttered templates with just a little strip in the middle for posts.

I also love the wide sidebar and the fact that it can be a single or double row. Endless possibilites.
Thank you, Katrina for making such cool things available to us blog enthusiasts. You rule.

Those super cool mini Polaroid frames are Rhonna Farrer for House of 3.

As always, if you're interested in a new blog design, contact me at:

Okay, Photoshop is calling my name, so I'm off to create more stuff. Have a great week, my lovelies.


Lou said...

I LOOOVE this color combination. Also with red. I think it's cool that you are learning all this design stuff. =)

scrapcat said...

wow! I love your new design!

web design manila said...

So cute! Wish I can also make something like that. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Hijita mia no soy especialista en lo que estas haciendo pero esteticamente es tan bello que no se necesita ser conocedor para apreciarlo.
Ademas me encanta verte tan creativa y con tu blog al dia.
Ana Maria.

Anonymous said...

man, your site looks great. LOVE the colors, Anilu!

philippines virtual assistant said...

Love this post!

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