Wednesday, July 27, 2011

iPhone Photography Apps.

I really don't use my iPhone as much as I should to take pictures. With all the über cool photography apps out there, it's pretty hard not to take a cool pic even with a phone.

These are my current faves. Share yours with me, OK?

A classic. I love everything about it and they have been giving pretty good updates. The free stuff is so cool and I love being able to change the camera case.

This gives me very cool effects too and you can also have a desktop version. Check it out for sure.

I need to start this soon. How cool would it be? I'm gonna do it with pics of Nati. Promise...

Very quick and easy way to edit your pics as soon as you take them so you can share them right from your iPhone.

Oh, la la! My fave. Love the cool music the desktop version plays, love the layout options for the strips. the scratchy effect on the pics. I say oui to it all.

I just got this one, so I haven't been able to explore it much, but I love what peeps have been sharing all over the web with this app.

So much fun! Kinda like Photocabine, but has different effects and photo paper textures. I just took a bunch with this app and I'll be scrapping them soon. Must have, this one .

A new one to me also, but what little I've been able to explore has been great. You can do tons of things to your pics with this app. Totally worth the buck ninety nine. Ha!

These are some of my favorite shots. All taken with Hipstamatic.

Happy Wednesday, lovelies.


Erika Lee Sears said...

I am completely addicted to instagram :)

*Paula* said...

I just downloaded instagram because it's the only way I could figure out to tweet a pic! I'm sure I'm not using it to it's potential - in due time I will. Now I'll have to check out all the others you've listed! Thanks for the blog love -- looking forward to seeing how the ads inspire you!

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