Monday, July 4, 2011

Fashion Lust.

I was browsing Pinterest today, and my heart skipped a beat when I landed on these...

I have never loved a pair of shoes like I love these Vera Wang Lavender Label flats. I am a total flat gal and these are the perfect shape, and the bling overload is making me dizzy.

I dunno how, but I will have these shoes. Just sayin'.

I'm off to daydream about them some more. Happy day, lovelies.


Briana Johnson said...

oh, I soooo agree - very nice!!

enbrightened said...

i also agree. tres gorgeous! i can't afford vera wang, but i bet the look could be recreated by purchasing a plain shoe and adding a chunky brooch... may just be a project!

<3 you anilu... such good taste you have.

Anonymous said...

Anilu que bonitos zapatos,espero que pronto lleguen a tus pies.
Ademas de la manera que tu cuidas las cosas,los heredaran tus bisnietas y como nuevos.
Love you¡¡Tu mama.

Brian Davis said...

Although this is quite an old post one things remains the same. These flats are so cute.
I like the bling on the toes, reminds me of my some of my Tory's.

Did you ever get a pair?

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