Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can't Stop Looking At Them.

Time for another font love post. I have been lusting over these four fonts for months. Why, oh why are fonts so darn expensive?

No matter, I will have them all, sooner or later. Why do I feel like inserting an evil laughter soundtrack here?

Anyway, here they are. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?

They are from My Fonts, of course. That place will be the ruin of me, I tell ya. But, to be fair, these are pretty accessible as fonts go, so I'll be able to add them to my collection soon. Yay!

Have a great one.


Balou said...

gorgeous! i especially love Libreria. i am a font junkie, too. =)

Briana Johnson said...

Anilu! Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds! You have excellent font taste! I want some - my fave is number 1 but number two would sure cut cute in my silhouette. I bought Verner and that one that's kind of like a script typewriter.

Trish said...

You enabler, you! Off to check them out! xo

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