Friday, July 8, 2011

Blog-Web Page Design.

I think this is definitely something I want do. I have been having such a great time creating my blog's future themes, that I need to do this in a more serious way.

I am going to find a class to learn all about HTML and CSS and all those geeky cool things and see where this goes. 
I feel giddy every time I learn something new and I love the design part of it.  This is it for me!

Here is a peek at the designs you will be seeing here on No Shrinking Violet in the coming months.

So far I have seven ready to go, but I know I'll have many more before I have used all of these. I hope you like.

If you'd like me to design your blog for you, drop me a line at:

Circles template is Pugly Pixel.  Staples are Karla Dudley.

Have a great weekend, lovelies.


Briana Johnson said...

I'm so glad to hear that - you are so good at blog designing and anything digital - that will be perfect for you!

Anonymous said...

!!!!!!!!Esa es mi hija!!!!!que emocion verte tan activa y haciendo cosas tan creativas. Todo esto dara sus frutos bien pronto. Te quiero muchisimo mi nina y una vez mas !!!!que orgullosa estoy de ti!!!!.
Tu mama. Ana Maria.

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