Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh, the love!

I don't think I've loved a blog as much as I love Pugly Pixel. I have learned so many cool Photoshop techniques and gotten the coolest free digital goodies.

You have to check it out. And she updates it a lot, which we blog readers loooove.

Since it's a new week, I thought I'd use my new Pugly Pixel goodies and change the blog look.

Many of the elements I used to create this one, I got from that wonderful place.

Right now...

Listening: To a mix of traffic and Fraiser.

Eating: Nothing.

Drinking: Nothing yet, but an espresso is in my future.

Craving: French toast from La Quinta Luna. Yummy!

Wearing: Pink pjs.

Feeling: A renewed hope. Feels great!

Weather: 58° F. Hope it would stay like that, but alas, I will melt later.

Wanting: News about our trip back back home, Please, for the loooove!

Needing: More energy. I hate feeling tired all the time.

Waiting: For good news.

Wondering: When this stupid eye irritation will go away.

Loving: Technology and all it has done for me ;-)

Here's to a wonderful week. Toodles.


Ki said...

It looks fabulous Anilu!! I will check out the blog for sure! I could use a new look - I tried something but not really loving it...

Francine said...

Your blog looks lovely! I adore Pugly Pixel too. So much that I signed up for her premium goodies!

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