Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh, the joy...

I am buried under a mountain of laundry that is keeping me from scrapping. The humanityyyyyy!
I hope I get done with it today so we can go back to our regularly scheduled program of lots of Photoshop time.

Right now...

Listening: Country tunes.

Eating: A pear.

Drinking: Espresso!

Craving: Chicken tacos for lunch.

Wearing: pjs... *blushes*

Feeling: Happy, happy, happy!

Weather: Nice and sunny. Rained yesterday and that helps.

Wanting: To be done with all this endless folding.

Needing: My stuff back already. Please!

Waiting: Like always, to go back home already, for the love.

Wondering: How tomorrow will go. Seeing old friends again.

Loving: Waking up happy again.

Have a great day, lovelies.

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Briana Johnson said...

I see you have a lovely new letterpress header girlfriend! I looooove it. Ugh, laundry, I don't mind the washing, it's the folding - yuck. You listen to country? Ha - never pegged you for that. I kinda like Kenny Chesney but that's about it and I'm an Okie!

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