Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great apps and not caring so much.

Continuing my Pugly Pixel love fest, as you can see. I totally got the idea for the picture from her blog and I thank her a million times for the inspiration.

Thanks to her, I also found La Photocabine. Oh, how I love this app! I am gonna be taking many more pics, messy hair and all. Ha!

Love that they have both Mac and iPhone apps.

All elements are Pugly Pixel. Picture by La Photocabine.

Right now...

Listening: To the news on TV.

Eating: Nothing. Not hungry yet. Ha!

Drinking: I need coffee!!

Craving: More sleep.

Wearing: Jeans and a polo shirt.

Feeling: Excited.

Weather: Nice and sunny. Cool.

Wanting: To see old friends.

Needing: To start my owrk out even though I hurt in places I didn't know could hurt. No pain, no gain!!

Waiting: For a call with GREAT news so I can go home already.

Wondering: How a design job I'm doing will look like when I'm done.

Loving: My girlie's shenanigans. She is a riot!

Happy day, lovelies.

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