Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who knew I liked lavender...

More oldie but goodie pics of my baby girl, all ready for Hawaiian day at preschool.
Her face in these pics kills me dead. Just sayin'.

I used One Little Bird's Focal Point kit and Karla Dudley's staples and jewel brads. I know, huge surprise there, huh?

I saw this on a pal's blog and I thought I'd give it a try...

Listening: To Bridezillas on TV on the background.

Eating: A lollipop.

Drinking: Nothing, but I need a decaf diet Coke pronto.

Craving: The fish tacos I'm about to eat.. Yummy!

Wearing: Um... I'm gonna plead the 5th here. Ha!

Feeling: A little worried about someone I love *weeps*

Weather: A pretty perfect 74°F. Let's hope it holds.

Feeling: So tired of waiting to go back home to Miami.

Wanting: A phone call with the best news evah...

Needing: For the damn gas company to restore our service so I can have a hot shower. Ugh.

Wondering: When, when, wheeeeeeeeeeeeen?

Loving: My Nati's voice on the phone.

Toddle loo, dhalings.

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