Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Book of Faves page...

Still creating my Book of Faves, using all those pictures I absolutely love but hadn't scrapped much before.

Here's number five in the series...

Oh, and color me surprised to be journaling on my pages lately *gasp*

I used One Little Bird's Billet Doux kit, like I have in all the other previous pages of this project.

Man, it feels GREAT to be creating again!

Right now...

Listening: to the morning traffic. Yay?

Eating: nothing. Too early to eat.

Drinking: Ditto, but I could sooo use an espresso.

Craving: Espresso!

Wearing: pjs still.

Feeling: not too great, actually...

Weather: 59°F. Not bad, but it won't last long *weeps*

Wanting: to go back home already!!

Needing: to know what's going on with a weird situation.

Wondering: what today will bring.

Loving: that my Nati is super excited about getting me a birthday present. She makes it all better. Always.

Have a great week, lovelies.

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