Sunday, April 24, 2011

I miss this... I miss YOU.

Times have been hard for me for the past two years. Even though at the beginning I tried to keep the blog up, I just couldn't find anything to blog about and I had absolutely no desire to scrapbook.

Times are still hard, my mojo still refuses to come back to me, but I'm trying...

I did this page just to see what would come out of me. I liked it. Kinda. It's very frustrating to struggle so much to find any kind of inspiration to create.

Even though I love, LOVE digital, I have been missing all my paper and glue like crazy lately. I miss cutting paper, and picking embellishments. I miss it all.

So, here's my attempt at updating this poor dusty, cobweb covered blog. I hope it sticks.

I have missed you...

All elements are Karla Dudley Designs at Design House Digital.

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Christina said...

Glad you are giving it a try again ! In a way scrapbooking can be therapeutic ! I hope to see more of your pages !

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