Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two versions.

My perfect baby girl, fresh off her bath, wanting to show off her yellow bathrobe... Girls, gotta love em'.

Yes, I know... I'm a little too into the whole pennant banner thing. But, they're just sooo cute for girly pages.
Plus, since I couldn't find a digital version I liked, I just made my own.

I like this digi thing more and more every day!



Ady said...

Hi Anilu, I will definitely take you when you come back to Miami. I'm loving the banners too. You have become a pro with digital scrapbooking.

Ki said...

I agree, definitely a pro! I have to try that banner thingie with paper! Gee, I have to try anything with paper these days - desperately seeking mojo here!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I love all the banners that are out now... so girly!!! Your pages are beautiful my friend :) And Nati is getting so big. wow. Hugs!

amy lapi said...

ooooh! love both versions! :] i've missed you anilu! xo

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