Thursday, January 14, 2010

Because we are all human and inhabit the same earth...

Let's help our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

This hits incredibly close to home for me since I am 50% haitian on my Dad's side.

He is in Haiti right now along with many more members of my immediate family and incredibly dear friends.

Their situation is beyond catastrophic. It's beyond human endurance. It's desperate.

It's broken my heart and the scenes I have seen on TV will live with me forever.

I know all those places. Those are my people...

If you can here's all the places where you can send your invaluable help:




None of us can afford to ignore this as humans. None of us can pretend this is far away and does not affect us.

Please help!


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I thought about you when this happened and I was hoping that your Dad was in Mexico now... this is such a catastrophe. So sorry to hear about this tragedy, but glad that it sounds like your loved ones are okay. HUGS!!!!

Tamara Nicole said...

We donated:-) It's sooo crazy how things can happen so fast, especially to places that aren't equiped to handle it at all. We also put up sign at work for donations to the Red Cross . . . not much but anything helps right?

Anonymous said...

I came here through PW's thoughts and prayers are with you and your family...I cannot even fathom what Haiti is going through...I am so deeply saddened..

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