Tuesday, September 8, 2009

MacBook+digi kits=LOVE!

The obsession continues.

I am still discovering and experimenting with the wonders of Photoshop, and loving it more every day.

Paper and glue will always be my first loves, but I also really like this pixels thing.

I recently discovered these very cool vellum sleeves and I love the look of them.

I lifted some parts of these LOs, and I promise to give due credit, but I just can't find the LO I used as inspiration for these...

I thought the hodgepodge of goodies inside the little pockets looked to cute to resist.

I know I have scrapped this picture of Natialia ad nauseam, but I just love it so much, it's hard to resist.

Hope I'm not boring you to death with my endless posts about digi LOs...



Anonymous said...

Love, love, love those digi pages Anilu! You are really ROCKIN' those digi pages girl!

Anonymous said...

i love your digi layouts! Where did you get the stuff for the first one?!! Its weird this digi world, I don't know anyone and there never seems to be a gush about it, lol. With you I am not alone, lol!!

Ki Kruk said...

WOWZERS girl...I hope you are submitting these!

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