Friday, July 31, 2009


We took the kids to this very cool science museum inside Mexico City's largest University, called Universum.
If you're ever in Mexico City, go visit.

It's a really cool place where they're allowed to touch everything and experiment with lots of the exhibits.

Since the anniversary of the moon landing was just a few days ago, we just had to take advantage of the opportunity the girls had for a little trip to the moon...

A couple more pics of the day...

Here they're standing on this HUGE map of Mexico City. So, so cool.

And sitting pretty on a beautiful mosaic under a sun roof.

We had a good time.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Having a love affair with Photoshop lately...

You know that super duper cool Fiskars Upper Crest border punch? Well, I absolutely love it and I would use it on every single page if I had it with me right now.

Since I am far away from my scrap goodies, I am filling the void left by paper with pixels. Lots and lots of pixels!!

So, I was thinking that someone out there had to have a digi element that looked like that punch, but alas, no one does.

Guess what I did? I created my own!!  Design degrees are available online  if you're interested in creating your own unique style.

I used the curvy brace ( { ) form Cantabile font, turned it and made it into a row of symbols by copying the layer many times.

Then I created a new rectangular layer on top of it, filled the blank spaces with the clone tool, and voila! My fave border.

I made them in 12' and 8.5", and I can color it or use it as a clipping mask.

Here is a little super quick page to show the border in action...

I gotta say, I feel very proud of my self.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bad, bad blogger!

I know, I know... I have abandoned my blog.

It's just that my life has been so incredibly insane (and NOT in a good way, lately) that I have a really hard time coming up with stuff to blog about.

I like cheery, scrappy enable-y blogs and what's going on with me these days is anything but...

Still, I really miss updating it and reading your comments, so I am gonna give it another try.

I have been playing with Photoshop a lot since I don't have any of my beautiful scrap goodies with me while in Mexico.

The pic above is a little something I made tonight after watching Cathy Z's a-ma-zing tutorial on how to create picture frames in PS.

I will be telling you why my life is in such a bad place right now, soon...

Can't wait to hear from you!
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