Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Get it together.

Since the organization/purge kick is not over yet, here is another tip to make your life easier and help you use your supplies.

This is how I know which ink pad colors I have.

Under the color dot, I have written the color name and I put an asterisk next to the ones that have re inkers.

It lets me see the real color of the ink once stamped, and I can place the index next to whatever project or paper I am using to find the perfect color.

I grouped ink types together:
- pigment/dye
- chalk
- distress
- staz on

It saves me time and I can keep track of all the ink colors in my stash.

My ink pads are stored in these great wall/desktop storage units.

They can be found on Etsy here or here.

Hope these help you get your stash in order.



Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!! I love your ideas!

Honey...G said...

Man, you're too darn organized!!! Can you come over my house and help me organize too??? LOL

Also, that's a lot of ink you have there! I'm jealous!!!

Denise said...

Look at all those inkpads! Holy inkdrops! I lov ehow you have them organized. The use of the color match cards is a great idea!

Damaris said...

Ani: That is such a great idea with the ink pads...will be using this in the future...thanks for the 411.

karen m. (akaliz) said...

damn woman! you are awesome with this organizing bit!

dawn said...

Wow! You are way too organized girl! (I am secretly so jealous!) LOL!!

aimee said...

holy crap woman! you rock!

Greta.B said...

you make me sick. ;)

I don't think this kind of storage would work for my 4 ink pads though. oh well. lol.

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