Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Santa was good to me!

I'm always curious to know what Santa brought my pals so here's my Christmas loot.

He was good to me this year. I never thought a BIG TV would ever be on my list, but there it was, and here it is!!!

These super cool speakers for my iPod/iPhone are great to move all over the house so I can have my tunes with me no matter where I am.

And, a new bright orange iPod. YEAH!!!!

I had been dying to get a big chunky ring for my left hand for a while and I found this beauty on Etsy.
The artist makes all his pieces by hand and they are unique and original.
I really loved the rock and roll feel of this one and you ca never go wrong with green.

You can find his amazing work here.

What did you get? Please share!


mom2ee said...

we got a Wii for the whole family and we are getting a new dish washer. I have been fighting with the washer we have, I have replaced the gasket and it still leaks...will get the new one this weekend. Hopefully the after Christmas sales will be good.

x dee said...

Happy New Year Ani!

It's Dee over here :) - What awesome xmas gifts. Santa is always so good! :) That ring is amazing... I'm going to check out his shop right now!

Let's see, I got D&G Light Blue Perfume, a new router, and my camera <3.

***Paola*** said...

I'm loving your new ring! My fave gift this Christmas is a silver pendant Ian is making for me. I'll email you pics once it's done!

Janet Perafan-Babar said...

Hey, what kind of Santa was that? I wasn't so lucky, lol! LOVE the speakers and new TV and that ring is super cool! Enjoy!!!

bwgayoso said...

Wow! You got some neat stuff! We decided to splurge a little this year and bought ourselves a great GPS. It worked so well on our trip : )

Tamara Nicole said...

Nice!!! Love the orange fun i-pod:-). Welll I got spoiled as well, we're going on a cruise to Meditteranean in the summer!!! Sooo excited. Anywho enjoy your tv,ipod, and adorable ring!

aimee said...

wow you sure did hit the jackpot!

Breanne Crawford said...

what awesome gifts!!! love that ring!

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