Monday, December 15, 2008

I want to get into the Christmas Spirit...

Really I do, but it's just not happening for me this year so far.

My tree is still not up, there are no Christmas decorations... I feel very blah.

I made this little digi page with a very cool and FREE kit I downloaded from 2 Peas.

Pics are from 2 years ago and some of my all time fave Christmas pics of Natalia.

Onto my love for all things Twilight....

The blog takeover crisis if 2008 is over. I'm pretty sure y'all enjoyed it quite a bit.

I know this is how Juan sees my dear Twilight characters...

Whatev!!! I'm still loving it and will keep on watching the movie and re reading the books as much as possible.

Have a great week.



bwgayoso said...

Hi my friend! I'm so sorry about your lack of Christmas spirit - this happened to me last year : ( I think its happening to alot of people this year. There is a lot of neighbors just starting to decorate now. I'm hoping it will hit you soon : )

Can't wait to see you on Friday!!

Anonymous said...

hehe. I love your work Anilu! V. pretty!

I don't have an xmas tree up yet either!

I haven't read any of the twilight review takeover as I want to watch the movie and read the books! LOL - I'm seriously slacking in that department. well to be quite honest, I'm slacking on a lot of things this holiday season!

amy lapi said...

love that layout!

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