Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bows her head down in shame...

Yes. I admit it, in case it wasn't completely evident already. I am a hard core Twilighter, member of Team Edward.

I just had to put it out there so you know there's gonna be LOTS of Twilight talk in this blog from now on.

So, there you have it.

Other than obsessing over teenage vampires and werewolves, I have been working on custom orders for Handmade by ANILU.

I have been lazy and have not made anything to upload on Etsy, but I am still very much working on my jewelry and if you want something for Christmas, just drop me a line at:
and I'll make anything you'd like for you.

Here are a few custom pieces I made this week.

I have to go clean this house.

Have a great Tuesday, loves!


Sandy said...

Ohhhh those are my pieces!! they look awesome!!! I can't wait to see them in person!

bwgayoso said...

Love that layout : ) Those jewelry pieces are beautiful! I'm glad to see that your mojo has been flowing lately.

caroline said...

i`ve just got into the whole twilight thing thanks to your blog, and i looooooooove it, i`ve now already read the first book { which i`ve now given to my sister-in-law } and am in the middle of " new moon ", thankyou for sharing:)
caroline, england.

Trish said...

Love your jewelry pieces, Anilu!! Beautiful, as always...

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