Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time for eye candy!

Oh, yeah! This gorgeousness is a peek at WIP's August kit. Don't you just love that Trish doesn't keep us waiting for ever to see the goods???

There's some delish Narratives and S.E.I.'s Poppy collection which I loooove!

Onto some sad news, the genius known as George Carlin passed away. I loved his work and I think he was deep and funny and I'm gonna miss his stuff.

If you've never seen his stand up comedy, you have to get some of his DVDs. I know you wil love them.

Lots to do today, so I'm off.



Kristii Lockart said...

Lovin the peak Anilu!! Can't wait to see the whole enchilada!!

2H Design said...

I will miss Carlin's wit!

bwgayoso said...

Lovin' that WIP kit! Way to go Trish!

Laura Fiore said...

Awww, that kit looks awesome! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Barb said...

Totally gorgeous kit. I've been eyeing up the Narratives and the SEI. No more buying for me this month, though.

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