Monday, April 7, 2008

What the Frak??????

Oh my gods!!!! How great was Galactica!?!?!?!
I really hope some of my dear blog pals are fans, cause I just have to talk it out.

My head is spinning from the season premiere. What are your thoughts? Theories? Predictions?



karen akaliz said...

sorry, dear...cannot relate. hasn't this show been on forever? or am i thinking of stargate?

have a good one!!!

Denise said...

LOL! I wish I could chat about this, but the only Battlestar Gallactica I know was the one from the 80's. Just not the same. I'm sorry. :o)

Sharie said...

Not familiar, sorry. Now your previous post about Michael Johns... I'm sorry you were down last week, sending hugs and hopes that you're able to get in some scrappin' therapy and feel better this week.

Aline said...

Also not familiar, sorry. :))
I still didn't manage to send your layout, but I try to do it this week. So sorry!

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