Saturday, January 12, 2008

I loved it.

The Bucket List
was great. I laughed and cried and I felt great after watching it. I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up!

My crop with Barb was great as always. It was just the two of us, and we had a blast.
I actually scrapped and managed to produce 4 pages that I really love.

It also felt great to get over it, and just dig into my stash and cut it up and glue it down and enjoy it.

I am very inspired to create so I'm planning on spending my weekend scrapping and making more jewelry for Handmade by ANILU.

Enjoy yours!


Trish said...

Been there too, Anilu. Hang in there, my friend! This too shall pass...

Hope your weekend turns your frown upside down. Go out and have some fun!


Diane Dolan said...

There is nothing like a weekend of scrap therapy to get you through a rough time. I am SO envious that you get to scrap all weekend. I know that your creative juices are going to flow right from your heart to the finished product. Post them up at sistv when you are through with your scrap therapy weekend. :)


Lisa said...

I am sorry, anilu, that someone hurt you.I cannot understnad why people, I guess it was a woman, wants something else than encourage one and other. I hope that you feel better very soon!


Nicole said...

girlie...i love ya.

wish you lived closer so i could swoop in and give you a big smooch.


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I love you my friend! I'm so glad that you were able to get your creative juices flowing last night and that you created 4 LO's. That's great! I really wanted to join you guys, but I got home late and I was so tired! I hope to see you next week. :-)

Anna M-W said...

Glad that you had fun.

Who hurt you? Do I need to drive down there and kick some ass? What did I miss?

Get ready for some blog love. I am finally catching up after being MIA for two months!

***Paola*** said...

Hanging out with friends does the trick every time, doesn't it?! Hugs to you amiga!

micayla said...

Friends will always managed to cheer you up girl! Hang in there! xx

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