Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm it! (and peeks!!!!)

I've been tagged by Colleen and I stole a questionnaire from her blog. I find them super fun:)

But first things first... A peek at my LOs for Cupacke Scrapshop's November kit. Such a beautiful kit and so much fun to play with. Remember the launch will be a day early, on the 31st. Be there!!

The tag..

Jobs I've had:
1. I worked the ticket counter for Haiti TransAir before leaving for University.
2. That
3. is
4. it...

Movies I (do) could watch over and over:
1. 300
2. Lord Of The Rings trilogy
3. Amelie
4. The Fifth Element

TV shows I watch:
1. Lost
2. House
3. Pushing Daisies
4. Californication

Places I have lived:
1. Miami, Florida
2. Mexico City
3. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Favorite Foods:
1. Duck confit
2. Chilaquiles
3. caramel apples
4. all seafood

Favorite Colors:
1. Blue
2. Green
3. kraft
4. Chocolate Brown

Places I would love to be now:
1. by the pool getting a tan
2. shopping for small clothes
3. getting a mani/pedi
4. at the Turnberry Isle Spa in Aventura

Names I like but would not use for my children:
1. Rebecca
2. Rodrigo
3. Liam
4. Caleb

A fun questionnaire...

1. Name:

2. Pink - Love it or Hate it?
Love it in moderation

3. Signature shade of lipstick, lipgloss, etc.
Bobbi Brown Kir Sugar lip gloss

4. Do you have a best girl friend?
Yes, Barbara.

5. Do you have a woman mentor?

6. Are you a woman mentor to someone else?

7. Tomboy or Princess?
Princess all the way!!

8. Favorite Girl Band:
The Bangles

9. Are you a mom? Do you want to be one?
I am and I love being one!

10. Do you and your mom have any rituals?
Yes, lots that I hope Natalia will do with me :)

11. Fashion magazines - yea or nay
Yea when I was skinny. Now, not so much... :(

12. Do you have a feel good outfit?
I used to when I fit into it.

13. Have you called your grandma or special aunt, or special older lady lately?
No, and I have to call my grandma right now!!

14. Signature Scent:
Clinique Happy

15. Favorite female TV character:
Pam from The Office

16. Favorite place to hang out with gal pals?
At barb's house to scrap

17. Did you ever ditch your girl friends to be with a guy?
Don't think so...

18. Friend you call when you need a laugh?
Mayra, she's the funnies person EVER!

19. Friend you call when you need a shoulder to cry on?
Barbara, she's always there for me.

20. Have you reminded your friends of how much they mean to you lately?
No, but I sure will :)

Have a great week!


Kelly S. said...

love that cupcake shop kit! and as always your pages are gorgeous!

Tamara Nicole said...

Love your pages!

Monica said...

love those sneaks!

and the fun little survey..maybe i'll steal it and update my blog :P

Vee said...

i love the 5th Element too!

Barb said...

Hey! That's our Fancy Simple girl power questionnaire.

Thanks for playing along, Anilu!

Molly said...

That is such a cute survey! And look at the cupcake shop! Very cute stuff! :D BTW, tagged ya on my blog, too! :D

sohpiasmom said...

The kit looks amazing! The colors are yummy!

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