Tuesday, July 31, 2007


A blog challenge: If I had to choose only 3 food items to eat for the rest of my life,
what would they be???

This one's hard but here goes:
1. Roast duck leg from Les Halles in Miami
2. My mom's chilaquiles (a delish casserole type dish from Mexico)
3. Quesadillas from the farmer's market in Mexico.

I stamped these cards yesterday for Idan and Babs' goody packs. They're going out today guys!!

The big chandelier is from Poppy Ink and the small one's from Impress. I'm not sure about the alpha, but I think it's My Sentiment Exactly.

That's all I have for today, guys. Lots of errands to run and I want to go see Harry Potter :)

Happy Tuesday!


scrapcat said...

gorgeous cards!!!!!

if i had only 3 foods to eat they would be:
1) white rice
2) my DH's prime rib roast
3) nasi goreng - a dish I had on my honeymoon years ago that I still crave!

Vee said...

gorgeous cards girl!!
yum, you are making me hungry :)
have a great day!!

Nat said...

LOL - nice choices! Mmmmh - what would it be:
1. Fajitas
2. Pasta Bolo my grandma's recipe style from Sicily
3. Chicken Curry with white rice

nessa said...

beautiful cards!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

my choices...
1. cheese
2. the #5 combo from my fave local Mexican restaurant, El Carreton
3. peach pie


april said...

love the cards. So simple, yet elegant!

april said...

oh, I forgot my foods:

1. chips and salsa
2. spinach salad with gorgonzola cheese, diced tomatoes, and balsamic vinagarette
3. cheese enchilada with salsa verde from my favorite mexican restaurant

Tamara Nicole said...

Mmmm Mexican food sounds sooo good right now;-)

Rebekah said...

okay, freakin' LOVE those stamps!! hope you had an excellent day girlie! :)

toners said...

Wow, I just read about your scare with the cashews - glad to see you are OK :)

idanasi said...

ahhhhh yes!!!
thank you so much!!

Natalie said...

So pretty! Love those lots. And love your food choices...yummy!

Anna M-W said...

You are so funny! I love the cards.

Three foods:
1.) Sushi
2.) Bone-in Ribeye from Fleming's Steakhouse
3.) Wise Onion Rings (I can't these anywhere!)

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