Friday, July 13, 2007

It's CHA madness!!!

I cannot believe it's here again. One of the two times every year when we scrappers go CRAZY, INSANE with lust. Scrap lust.

I just saw the 7 Gypsies summer release and

I had vowed to stay away form all the peeks, but they are just stronger than me :)

What have you seen that you will have to have?? Share!

Could these tease me any more?!? I think not.


bwgayoso said...

OMG!!! You are so right! Love that 7 gypsies. The stamps are awesome!!!

Nicole said...

Scenic Route.
American Crafts.


like now.


april said...

I cannot wait for the hambly! want to see so badly!

april said...

oh, I've seen some new HS :)

Rachael said...

Lovin' the 7G's peeks!!

Can't wait for some Hambly and the new AC!!

I can't forget about the new yellow Tinkering Ink too! Need that!

Magpie9759 said...

I am trying desperately not to look at any of the new stuff, because I really must not buy more! That's my new mantra: " . . . must. not. buy. more . . . ." It's not really working yet, though, lol.

Vee said...

Hambly, want whatever will be released :)
Scenic Route
American Crafts
Heidi Swapp
have a great weekend :)

Monica said...

omg i hadnt seen the 7gs sneak..MAN! i'm gonna go broke again! lol
i'm with nicole..i love the SR and AC peaks too, and i just can't wait to see what hambly has up their sleeve this time =)

Noelia said...

I saw some Scenic Route and some HS...
This will be the end of me...

Breanne Crawford said...

that is my biggest tease, too. i NEED it now.

Anna Molina-Wilkinson said...

Must have:
Basic Grey
Heidi Swapp

Lisa Le-Ray said...

I am just saying hello! :D

I love the look of those Hambly papers :D

idanasi said...


Eminepala said...

lol it's impossible to ignore those amazig stuff. i can't wait glitz to release their stuff ;)

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I know!!! I'm with you! There are so many wonderful goodies coming out. How do I resist???

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