Tuesday, July 31, 2007


A blog challenge: If I had to choose only 3 food items to eat for the rest of my life,
what would they be???

This one's hard but here goes:
1. Roast duck leg from Les Halles in Miami
2. My mom's chilaquiles (a delish casserole type dish from Mexico)
3. Quesadillas from the farmer's market in Mexico.

I stamped these cards yesterday for Idan and Babs' goody packs. They're going out today guys!!

The big chandelier is from Poppy Ink and the small one's from Impress. I'm not sure about the alpha, but I think it's My Sentiment Exactly.

That's all I have for today, guys. Lots of errands to run and I want to go see Harry Potter :)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 30, 2007


that's exactly how I feel today. On Saturday I had the "brilliant" idea of eating a little bag of cashews and all hell broke loose...
I am allergic to them and my throat started closing, and it was really hard to breathe. My stomack was on fire from the nuts and I was really scared.
Thank God my Mom was here with me.

To top it all off, my already sore throat, is even worse now that I caught Natalia's latest flu from day care :( :( :(

On to something nicer...

A couple of LOs from last week's scrap craze :)

Have a very good, cashew free, week!!

Friday, July 27, 2007


The super cool, and awesome photographer, Josh Ulmer was kind enough to give me a copy of his amazing photograph "Robin's Egg". I have always loved the color and this pic is perfect to me.

I will frame it and hang it in my scrap space.

See more of his amazing pics here. Enjoy!

Thank you so much, Josh!

I got my Clip it Up and I LOVE it. Having all my stuff right there where I can see it and, most important, USE it :)
I'd get lots more if I could, but I have to say this: it is enormously overpriced. It's nothing but a few pieces if plastic, a metal ring and the bag of clips. They really have to rethink the price...

This is my lastest LO. I used my gorgeous Stampin Up "Dotted" background stamp. It's in the new Fall/Winter SU catalog.
The patterned paper is new Scenic Route and the ribbon is American Crafts.
I had been meaning to scrap that pic of my mom and I finally just did it.
Hope you like it!

That's it for now, my lovelies! Have a great weekend :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I was on fire...

all during CHA weekend and I did lots of pages. Here are some more of them...

I had been meaning to scrap my Chihuly pics for ever and I just did it. It's a pretty simple page so the pics can shine. The letters are QK's Studio. The card stock is black, but somehow it scanned a weird shade of brown, and the pink of the letters is not so bright.

This one I did with some Scrapologie July goodies mixed with Work In Progress stuff.
It's my Natalia still getting into the weirdest places around the house.

I'm gonna try to catch some sun at the pool today before it starts raining again.
I'm off :)

Good Thursday!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What would you do???

Copy, paste and play along :)

1. Your entire family has gone away for the weekend. The house is all yours. What are the first three things you do?
Catch up on all the tivoed shows I have, scrap, and sleep!

2. Your bankbook is looking healthy, you have a four-day weekend ahead. What sounds good?
Checking into the Doral Spa, in Miami and coming out a new woman after 4 days of bliss :)

3. What do you do while waiting in the doctors office?
Check and update my calendar

4. Would you rather spend an afternoon alone in a book store, a mall, napping in the hammock?
At the mall, of course.

5. You have an unexpected 48 hour stay in the hospital. You're coherent and not in pain. How do you spend the time? Reading? Channel Surfing? Laptop surfing? Calling your friends to come visit? Ringing for a nurse every five minutes? Sleeping?
I've been there about 5 times and all I wanted to do was sleep.

6. You have a nine hour trans-continental flight. Get excited about finishing a hot novel? Watch the in-flight movies? Become best friends with the stranger seated next to you? Take three valium and sleep the time away?
I'd be watching movies.

7. You have a seven hour layover in Chicago O'Hare Airport. Do you wear down your cellphone battery calling friends? Read a book? People watch? Shop every store in the airport? Take a taxi and see the city?
I think a combination of people watching and reading

8. What do you do when you're bored stiff?
Re organize something in the house.

9. Work first, play later? OR Play while you can, the work will still be there when you get home?
Always work first.

10. List three times that you are easily bored.
On Sundays, listening to certain people, when tivo is empty :)

The sweet girls at Studio Calico, April and Scarlet tagged me as a...

How cool are they? If you haven't yet, GO NOW and check out their kit. I just love it!! Click on the link to the right :)

Aaaaand here's more of the Saturday LOs... It's a 2 page 8.5 x 11, which I'm doing a lot of lately. The paper's Daisy D's, the frame Making Memories, labels form JBS.

Not the best scan in the world but I hope you like!

Have a great Wednesday :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Potter mania...

a Ravenclaw!

Go find out which house you belong to! Like Anna, I seriously thought I'd be a Slytherin...

If you know the ending, please tell me who dies!!! I haven't bought the book and I am aching to know :)

Here's another one of the LOs I made on Saturday night. I used my Scenic Route Sumner paper, some of my beloved 7 Gypsies Reef paper and American Crafts felt flowers. The pins are Heidi Grace and I got them on ebay... So hard to find!

Sorry about the awful scan, the bulky flowers make it really hard to get a good one. In real life it's much prettier. I promise :)

Happy Tuesday, y'all!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Look what I got all the way from Israel....

It's the gorgeous collage my friend Idan made for me!
How gorgeous is it?!?!? I will frame it and hang it on my scrap wall.

He also sent me the most beautiful card. Thank you sooo much, Idan. You Rock!

I got very scrappy during the weekend, in the spirit of CHA, and I made some LOs. Here's one of them...

Hope you like!

Have a great week!

Friday, July 20, 2007

I caved!

And it's all Big SISter's fault. She was talking about all the wonders of it, and I finally got the Clip it Up. I realized the other day that no matter how organized my stash is, there always are great supplies I just don't use cause I can't see them.
This marvelous invention will allow me to see all my stickers, rub ons, chipboard shapes, etc... And keep them handy so my stuff gets used instead of just hoarded.

I found it here for $10 less than everywhere else and It's a good place to shop.

I also got my new CHA Summer '07 Scenic Route collections. My fave ever from SR, at Scrapgal.com I love that place cause they always have all the latest and greatest before anyone online and their shipping is lightning fast.

Here's the third LO from the weekend at Barb's. Supplies are from one of my past Scrapologie kits.

I've had such a great week with my peeps. The girls have a blast together and I love spending time with my mom. I hadn't seen her in such a long time....

I hope you have a great weekend full of fun and good things :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yes Indeed.

You Are A Gold Girl

You're dependable and hard working. You never miss a deadline - and you're never late.
You have a clear sense of right and wrong. You're very detail oriented.
You get frustrated when your friends are sloppy - or when they don't follow through.
You're on top of things, and you wish that everyone else was!

This is all a cute way of saying I'm a control freak... And it's true :)

What's your color?

I have been getting the gorgeous gemstones I bought for the jewelry, and I am aching to start creating pieces. How delish are they?!?!?!

I will let y'all know when I have started posting the pics :)

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Every Day 5...

The blog challenge was to name 5 things I do every day without fail. Here are mine:

1. Kiss my Natalia about a hundred times... Or more :)
2. Take a shower (sometimes twice) and brush my teeth. I'm a clean freak :)
3. Pray a little before bed time
4. Think about my girl, Milagros
5. Eat!

What are yours? Share!

I also did my first ever Scrapjacked LO. Wendy Bretz is one of my scrap idols and I had to "jack" her gorgeous work.
I used that beautiful Stampin Up cardstock (in wild wasabi), and some of the goodies from one of my Jenni Bowlin kits. It's a 2 page 8.5 x 11 and my hubby stitched it for me on Photosop. Thanks Hon!
Hope you like :)

My friend Bethany Tagged me as a...

How cool is she!?!?! Thanks, B!

Have a great Wednesday, my fave day of the week!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The weekend LOs...

These are two of the three pages I did on Saturday at Barb's. I am really trying to journal on the 3rd one so I'll post that tomorrow.

I used my beautiful Studio calico add on kit for the one of Natalia with her wings. I really loved that kit. April and Scarlet did an amazing job putting the stuff together. They ROCK!

On this one I used some of the SC paper and that gorgeous black and white paper is from 7 Gypsies' Napoli collection. I could buy every single thing 7G comes out with.

I'm off to the gym again... Whoohoo!!

I'm off to the gym...again... Woohoo??

Have a great Tuesday :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm a what?!?

You Are a Brownie

Decadent and intense, you aren't for the weakhearted.
Those who can deal with your strong flavor find out how sweet you really are.

It's cute. Go find out which dessert you are :)

And now, more of the things I'm gonna "have" to have. NOW!!!!

First the gorgeous new Scenic Route lines, Ashville and Sumner. Yummy!!!

Some Heidi Swapp love in the form of clear stamps that are to die for...

Boy, am I in trouble... BIG trouble!!

I had a great time at Barb's this Saturday. We finally got together to scrap and I got to meet another Miami SISter, Lou, who is a sweetheart! Hope we can do it again soon.

I did only 3 pages but I like how they turned ou. I was dying to use my Studio Calico add on kit and I had lots of fun with it!
I'll post the pages tomorrow!

I'm off to sweat my tush off at Curves, YEAH!!!

Have a great week :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

It's CHA madness!!!

I cannot believe it's here again. One of the two times every year when we scrappers go CRAZY, INSANE with lust. Scrap lust.

I just saw the 7 Gypsies summer release and I.need.it.all.

I had vowed to stay away form all the peeks, but they are just stronger than me :)

What have you seen that you will have to have?? Share!

Could these tease me any more?!? I think not.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

This is where I've been....

And this is who I am with...

I promise to be back with lots of scrappy goodness next week, since I am cropping at Barb's this Saturday finally!!!
I have so many new goodies I can't wait to use!!

Another big shout out to my dear, dear friend Nik on her new DT appointment at The Scrapbook Nook !!! They are lucky to have you my friend and you are gonna rock the house for sure :)

Aaaaaand, before I leave, check out Top Hat Design Works. The cutest store for the greatest kitschy, vintagey stuff to scrap.
Could these brass wings be any cooler?!?!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I miss y'all!!!!

But I'm having soooo much fun with these girls and my Mom!!

We've been going to the pool a lot and just hanging out, eating some delicious home cooked meals by mom.... Yummy!!!

I've missed blogging a lot and I mis hearing from you. I promise I'll post again regularly as soon as we get settled here.

Love you!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Army Wives...

is the best show of the summer. No doubt. I have been watching it since the start and I love it.
It lets us civilians know how it is for the brave families of the soldiers serving their country overseas.
I am always in tears by the end of the show. It's well written, the performances are real and you can relate to the characters.
Start watching if you're not already. Really good TV.

I have gotten many requests, so I'm gonna start making my jewelry for sale. I will start working on it soon and I'll put the pieces as I finish them on the flickr album link on the right.
I love making it so it's gonna be fun. Hope you like it!!

I'm off to the gym and back home to hang with the girls who got here yesterday evening!!!
Pics to come...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Loving my scrap finds!!

But first things, first...

I was not born in this beautiful country, but my daughter was and I now call it my home.
I have a very strong sense of patriotism, being that I come from a military family in Mexico, and I only hope I can teach my daughter to love and respect her country and the symbols that represent it, as much as I love mine.
I am so happy and grateful that this is now my second home!
Have a great 4th!!

Now, onto scrappy goodness...

Here are those amazing hot pink playing cards I got at toys r' us. How great are they?!?!?!

I am also using some of the cute ribbon I got on my Maya Road RAK, and goodies from various Scrapologie kits that I love.

I posted the LO on SIS if you want to see the whole thing :)

I love Wednesdays and I love this one even more cause my Mom and Paulina get here tonight!!!

I am too excited for words! I'll have some pics of the girls soon...
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