Friday, June 8, 2007

"She" is lucky #13... my Coach bag collection. I've been lusting after this bag for ages and my Dad gave it to me for my birthday. How much does he rock?!?!?!

This gorgeous gal is my cyber friend Monica. I want to send a big shout out to her cause she made my day today. She mentioned my name in a thread on 2 Peas about scrap bookers we admire deeply. Imagine how touched and surprised I was to find a link to my gallery posted by her. Thank you, Monica!! Right back at you from the bottom of my heart :)

I saw Ocean's 13 today and I loved it. It's just like the previous two Ocean's, but still very entertaining and very funny. Watching them all at one point or another during the movie, wearing some kind of crazy mustache was hilarious!! Plus the insane amount of eye candy is a BIG plus.

Have a good, fun filled weekend!


Nicole said...

LOVE the new bag. love it. you've got one awesome Papa there =)

Monica is totally sweet...and you are totally worthy of being mentioned. love you, girlfriend.

Nat said...

ohhh - what a nice bag!!! And so cool you were mentioned- because you totally deserve it! Can't wait to see the eye candy-.....äääähhh - the movie :-)

april said...

You've had a very good week! Love that bag!

Monica said...

omg what a freakin shock to see my mug up on your blog! bwahahaha.
i totally meant every word i said, chica.

and girlllllll..that bag! its delish! you lucky lucky girl!!

Anonymous said...

I totally love that you have a Coach collection! Your dad indeed rocks, that's one great bag my friend!

Dayami said...

I am soo loving that bag too! Enjoy.
You can put George Clooney and not Matt...I love Matt.

sohpiasmom said...

That bag is love love it! Did you know I have a purse infatuation too?!

Thanks for the Martha Stewart Book idea...I will definitely be buying it! Have a great Sunday :)

Tamara Nicole said...

Love the bag, that was a great gift. Also, I'm a hige sucka for coach! Can't afford it really, but have caved in on a pair of shoes and one purse. Happy belated b-day!

Vee said...

gorgeous bag!

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