Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Please join me in saying goodbye....

to 9 inches of fatness!!!!!! Yes, 9 wonderful inches are gone. I was just so happy and motivated to keep pushing myself to loose the weight.
I'm also eating much healthier food. I guess the body has it's own way of letting you know that it needs better fuel, cause I haven't been feeling like eating junk anymore!!
Oh, the joy!!!

Monday I got this beautiful picture from Nik. We're doing a photo swap and I can't wait to get started and also to see what wonderful thing she comes up with.
Her girlie is just adorable, isn't she??

I just got my Scrapologie kit and I think it's perfect for this pic.
I hope Nik won't be disappointed :)

My Mom called yesterday to let me know they were in the process of buying their plane tickets to come spend a few weeks with me!!! I love Summer cause it means lots of family visits for us here in Miami! I can't wait till they get here.
I'm also super excited cause they'll still be here for Natalia's 4th birthday on August 8th and it couldn't get better than that!
To top it all off, my dad's coming the weekend after next too, so I have family visits to last me all Summer long :)

Now, I hope you won't turn green with envy because of this, but the amazingly talented Karla Dudley has offered to make one of her incredible drawings and send it to me!!!!
I just could not believe it. How gorgeous are they?!?!?

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that she is one of the absolute BEST scrap bookers around. No doubt.
She also designs for Scrapologie, so you can see more of her perfect work here.

That's it for now my lovelies. I'm off to Curves. I am more pumped than ever!!

Have a great Wednesday!


Colleen said...


Shell said...

GO YOU! what a fantastic result - you better scrap a page about that tape measure!! :-D

Debbi said...

you go girl.....keep it up

Maureen said...


bwgayoso said...

I'm so glad for your weight loss. That's awesome!!

Delaney Gates said...

Wow! Congratulations!!!

Vee said...


Noelia said...

Way to go girl! That's awesome!
So happy for you that you're having family visit you for the summer.

P.S Green with envy about Karla's drawing...she's so freakin' talented!

Greta said...

i am so happy for you rock that weight loss like nobody's that fat who's the BOSS!!!! woo hooo!
{throwing confetti}

toners said...

CONGRATS!! What a fabulous post to be able to write!z

Lynn said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I think it came over to visit me, lol. I've really got to get my behind back on track. I'm blowing up. Love Curves! wish the one by me didn't close down. Keep up the awesome work.

Monica said...

woohooo anilu!!
wtg girl! must feel
so awesome!!

idanasi said...

soo happy for you!!

Kimmie Sue said...

That's so awesome! I hope I'm right behind you! LOL

YAY for family visits! I know what you mean about being so excited! We moved away from all of our family about 2 1/2 years ago and I miss them dearly. My parents are flying in on Saturday to spend nearly a whole week with us and I am utterly excited!! LOL

sohpiasmom said...

Wow! That's awesome...congrats! Oh man, I LOVE Scrapologie kits...can't wait to see what you do!

april said...

Congrats on losing 9 inches! You must feel great!

idanasi said...

hi again..
you have been tagged!
check out my blog..

Anna Molina-Wilkinson said...

Good job girl! I can't wait to see your svelte self next week at CKC!

Nicole said...

did i tell you not to worry??!!

so proud of you...=)

and i know you'll make something WAY awesome with that pic of Miss're already ahead of me since you know what you want to use!!

Scarlet said...

1.) Congrats on your weight loss!

2.) I can't wait to see how you scrap the pic of Nicole's little sweetie.

3.) Love the blinkie!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Way to go! That's great news about the 9 inches. Yeah!

I received my Scrapologie kit yesterday and it's beautiful. I love it! :-)

So much good stuff happening in your life, my friend!

tonya said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Keep it up hon. And I'm sure you will do a wonderful job with the photo. You're talented.

scrapcat said...

that's incredible!!!!

PROLIX said...


drawings & layout are so gorgeous!!!
your blog is so cool!!!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
artsy english-français blog

Magpie9759 (Jan Connair) said...


elizabeth said...

that is so awesome! big congrats to you on the weight loss.

and i'm *super* jealous that you are getting one of those drawings.

Felicia said...

Congratulations! You're an inspiration :)

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