Sunday, April 15, 2007

A little sneak peek...

at the work I created for Work in Progress.
Check back during the week to see the rest in WIP's gallery.
I had so much fun working with this kit. I started playing with it, and I just couldn't stop. I literally spent the whole day Friday making the samples for Trish. I stopped until around 7 pm, and just 'cause I was about to pass out from hunger...

I spent all day Saturday cropping at Barb's house. Esther, my wonder Stampin' Up rep was there too and we had so much fun together!! We hadn't gotten together in such a long time, that we were really missing each other. I only wish Vanessa could have been there. Hi, Vane!!!
I had my gorgeous Jenni Bowlin and Scrapologie kits (see links to the right), and made four LOs I'm pretty happy with. They're not yet finished so I'll post them later.

When our creative juices finally stopped flowing, Barb ordered some delish Chinese food and we had dinner together. Afterward, we sat and chatted for a while on the patio, with the husbands and our kids. Such a good, nice, plain relaxing time. I wish we could do it every weekend.

I am so grateful to have finally found good friends here in Miami. I spent such a long miserable time just felling lonely, that now that I have them in my life, I thank my lucky stars. I know we'll be friends for life.

So, please don't forget to check Work in Progress' gallery, I need your constructive criticism, OK?

Have a good Sunday!!


Vane P. said...

So glad you guys had a good time amigui, and that your creative juices are flowing. I am once again regaining mine back after the flu.

Hope to see you guys soon, and I LOVE your sneak peek...I've actually been lurking around WIP trying to decide if I am going to take the leap into the world of kits.



michelleguray said...

Anilu, your stuff is gorgeous!! I can't for the life of me work that Foofala pp, but you did a super awesome fabulous job! I loved it all!! I can't help gushing! And I saw you used my Xmas totally sweet of you! The only thing is I wish I could see bigger pics of your lo's!

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